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🎉 Sponsor Announcement: Doylestown Pickleball

Doylestown Pickleball has graciously offered to collaborate on and sponsor the Dink Responsibly Newsletter for the remainder of 2024. 

  • This partnership will expand our local news and events scope to cover pickleball news throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

  • New categories are planned to enable searches to find coaches, clinics, and lessons. A new website ( will be linked to the newsletter for archived articles, a blog section, "Find a Coach," and many other features. 

  • We are very excited and appreciative of Jeremiah Thomas, founder and CEO of Doylestown Pickleball, for his support, guidance, and experience in expanding our newsletter capabilities!

  • We aim to make this newsletter and site the go-to resource for pickleball in Bucks and Montgomery counties.  Spread the news to family and friends.  With your help, we are planning big things for 2024!


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