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🍀 March 1, 2024 | Newsletter

Updated: Mar 19



Welcome to the new Dink Responsibly Newsletter for March 1, 2024! We will provide free, local pickleball news, schedules, tips, and announcements for the local pickleball community. We will publish twice monthly, on the 1st and 15th of every month. Look for us in your inbox, let us know what you think, and share this sign-up page with all your pickleball pals.


Tournament Announcements

1. Rotary Club of Horsham Pickleball

2. Mercer Bucks Pickleball Club Spring Classic Tournament

3. Lower Bucks County Annual Pickleball Tournament



Local Updates/Announcements:

1. John’s Barber Shop in Newtown

  • Shout out to John’s Barber Shop in Newtown! John is supporting this newsletter by putting a flyer in his barbershop waiting room. Thanks John, for your support! Where skilled barbers, a cozy, friendly environment, and great conversations make it a go-to business in Newtown. Remember, always support our local, small businesses! If you know of a local business who would help support us by putting a newsletter flyer in their window, waiting room, or bulletin board, please let me know.

2. Former Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles is excelling at Pickleball

3. Firefighters Park Update:

  • According to the township, the lights at Firefighters Park, Langhorne, should be operational around mid-March. The parts are in for the repair, just hoping the weather remains mild for the work to be done. Maybe we’ll have a great St. Patrick’s Day Pickleball session under the lights! In addition, the new sign-up link for the Middletown Township Pickleball Club for 2024 is now available! You can register for the club at Membership is $42.00 for residents and $63.00 for non-residents for the year.


Industry New

1. New “Quiet” Category

  • There is a new quiet Category for pickleball equipment, and it was recently sanctioned by USA Pickleball. Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in North America, has recently been the source of noise issues in sound-sensitive locations across the country given the distinct staccato ‘pop’ sound the ball makes on impact. Today, USA Pickleball, the National Governing Body for the sport of pickleball in the U.S., announced that it has certified the first product in its new “Quiet Category” for recreational pickleball equipment: The OWL by OWL Sport. USA Pickleball’s Quiet Category is a revolutionary initiative that aims to reduce the sport’s sound output and recognize pickleball products that reduce the sport’s noise during play without negatively impacting performance. Read full story here:



1. Seven Essential Pickleball Warm Up Drills

2. Go directly from 3.0 to 4.0+ FASTER with this Pickleball trick!


Around town, local news, member postings:

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Mason Mill Open

Tournament in nearby Huntington Valley, PA - Masons Mill Open Apr 12-14 in Huntingdon Valley, PA at the Masons Mill Park. Cost is $55 to register, more information can be found here:


Pickleball Joke:

In Pickleball, to err is human; to place the blame on someone else is doubles.



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This information is solely intended to be informational, and we think it is exciting and helpful to our local pickleball community.

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